Globe UNLITXT80 – 5 Days Unlimited Text Promo

The ultimate unlimited texting promo is here. This special UNLITXT offer by Globe means you're texting needs are covered for the whole weekday. Register for unlimited text messaging for 5 whole days and you won't have to worry about loading your card. You can text people whenever you want.

Globe UNLITXT40 – 2 Days Unlimited Text Promo

Need unlimited texting for 2 days? Take advantage of Globe's unlimited text promo. With UNLITXT you can text message people to your heart's content.

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Need to text hundreds of people? Or is that a bit too much? Regardless, with the new Globe Text Promo you can now send a tsunami of text messages to your loved ones, friends and co-workers. That'll show them who's boss.

Free Facebook Access for Globe & TM Subscribers

Want free internet access to Facebook on your device? Then you're in luck if you are a Globe or TM subscriber. If you don't own a Globe or TM sim card then you're are really missing out on this amazing offer. It's absolutely free!

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